5 simple ways to open your blog with a bang

Just Kidding- However, embarrassing as it is I did find myself researching how to write “Your very first blog post” (but what’s the fun in that). I’m just here today to introduce you to my world. A bit chaotic, rather amusing, and full of love.

I am a single mother to a rambunctious three year old named Tristan, the daughter of a half superhero half genius, and a lover… (of a good romance novel).

I am far from any sort of published author, in fact I probably never received higher than a “B” on any English paper. I just hope to share a piece of my real life sitcom, that I know all mothers can relate to.

I will close with a dialog from a child you will all become quite familiar with.

Tristan: “That DAMN car won’t go!”

Me: “What did you just say?”

Tristan: “nothing”


A crazed mother, wondering if she is doing this right.

Just another mother blogger


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