Compliments from a three year old

Before beginning this next dialog, let me set the scene.

This story begins last Saturday evening after a lovely service at Greenhouse Church with my sister, Tara, my mother, and but of course Tristan. What’s to follow you ask? Nothing but a few strange compliments from my three year old.

We were all saying our “see you laters” and exchanging hugs, when Tristan looks at my sister in all seriousness.

Tristan: “You have pretty eyebrows.”

He then looks at my mother.

Tristan: “You have pretty lips.”

As you probably guessed my turn was coming next.

Tristan: “You have… blue eyes.”

Of course mine wasn’t a compliment. Just a matter of fact statement.

I must say I truly appreciate my sister’s compliment most. I mean having pretty eyebrows in the age of permanent tattoo’d makeup, and drawn on masterpieces, well, that’s quite an accomplishment. Kudos to you Tara.



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