10 Signs Your Mom is Your Best Friend

1. You think your mom is hilarious. You both share the same sense of humor and you love sharing funny stories or things you find online.

2. She’s the first person you turn to who can instantly make you feel better after a crappy day.

3. You bond over favorite TV shows or movies.

4. You admire her for her generosity, patience, and ability to love unconditionally.

5. Your mom is pretty much the perfect partner to do anything with.

6. You know your mom is your biggest fan. Even when other people have their doubts your mom is there to back you up.

7. You call her every day just to talk and tell her the little stuff that happened that day. If you go even a day without talking you feel like something is missing.

8. She’s the person you immediately call after something major happens like a promotion at work.

9. When you’re together you always know what the other is thinking and feeling without saying anything.

10. Your relationship gets stronger and stronger every year and you can’t imagine a life without her in it.

I love you mom.



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